The Director of Internet Services for the Indianapolis Colts contacted me with the following (quite exciting I think) job search:

The Indianapolis Colts are looking to hire a full time, midlevel ColdFusion programmer. is written in ColdFusion and we are interesting in improving the site and adding new features. Other sites they work on include (social networking site) and (Indiana high school football site). These sites are written in ASP.Net, but we are interested in possibly moving these to ColdFusion. We'd be looking for someone who can take direction, program in an efficient and clean manner (maybe not the most technically brilliant code but highly readable, operational and workable code... since we change things up a lot) and someone who enjoys new projects with a rapid workflow. The exact title would be Applications Developer and they would report to me as their supervisor. We would need someone who has the basics down and wants to grow, but they don't have to be high level. Folks that are interested, should contact me directly with their resume and possibly a coverpage of why they would want to work here as well as examples of their work (emailing it to me would be great).

His name is AJ Macht and his email address is AJ.Macht at (Note that I tried to 'de-spam' his email address.)