camden_cover150Want a copy of my Apache Cordova book while it is still in development? If you order it today, you can get it half off with the following code: dotd030915au. Six of the twelve chapters are available with more coming very soon. (I'm about to turn in the tenth chapter in a couple of days.) Remember that this early access purchase gives you the entire book, not just what's available now. My book will walk you through installing the Android SDK and Cordova, building apps, and best practices. At half price I think it is a steal today - but I may be just a bit biased. ;)


While you're shopping, you should also pick up the early access addition of "Ionic in Action" - I did this morning. (And I'll review the book once complete.) You can also get this for fifty percent off using the same code. As much as I love Ionic, I don't cover it in my book as I figure there's enough going on without also asking the user to (potentially) learn Angular at the same time. Therefore, I think both books together would be a killer combination for someone hoping to get into hybrid development.