So yesterday I flew, or, rather, attempted to fly, since apparently the weather forecast was apocalypse and I didn't now it. I actually made it to Texas, but my flight to Madison was canceled there. American Airlines rang me with a robo call to my Google Voice number, and Google helpfully parsed their audio into text for me:

Calling with the flight update this call. Maybe reported. Bye. Yeah unfortunately. Bye. Yeah like 3376. Bye yo operated by lawyers, american eagle, bye Dallas Fort Worth to Madison, is experiencing a delay and is now expected to depart at. Bye, yeah 9:20 PM, you within arrival. Love, bye yo 11:42 PM, bye yo line updates can be obtained by calling our automated flight system at 1(800) 242-4444 to hear the message again say repeat 8. Bye. Yeah. Otherwise, feel free to hang up. Yanks for choosing American Airlines. Bye bye.

I especially appreciate the "love, bye" part.