I've posted before about my fondness for the end of the world, so I decided to tune into Jericho this week. How could I not? It had nukes!

It is obvious that network execs are still trying to mimic the "Lost" effect, and it is obvious that they still don't quite get what makes "Lost" tick. Sure, "Lost" is a sci-fi show, but it is far overshadowed by the drama, especially of the character histories. Sure I want to know everything about Dharma, but my most favorite moments of the show have nothing to do with Dharma or the "mystery" - it's the story, stupid.

Last year we saw shows crop up that tried to copy the success of "Lost". My wife and I watched "Invasion" for a while - but eventually got so bored we didn't even bother fast forwarding through it for good parts. We didn't bother with "Surface", but actually got into it a bit when our son saw the dragons. (As a parent, it is hard not to share your child's enthusiasm.) Both shows got the axe and that's what really bugs me about sci fi shows in general. Unlike most dramas, sci fi shows tend to have quite a bit of mystery and unanswered questions. So even if the show isn't that great, you get hooked and want to know what's behind the mystery.

So when a show like "Surface" gets cancelled - us sci fi geeks are left hanging. What exactly was the reason for the dragons? It was obvious they were created by a corporation, but for what purpose? Simply put - what would have happened if the show was able to wrap up? What really ticks me off is that with the Internet, this would be trivial. The creators (Josh and Jonas Pate, yeah, I'm talking to you guys) could spend all of - oh - let's say 5 minutes - and write a quick blog entry that would explain where they were going and how things would have ended. Sure - they may not know - but they could share something.

In fact - consider this an open invitation Josh and Jonas. Drop me a line and I'll be happy to post your text.

Oh wait - was I talking about "Jericho"? Yes, I was. The show was... so so. The scene with the answering machine though was darn good. All in all - it is an ok show. I'll watch it - but I almost figure it's just not worth it. Once again I know it will get cancelled. Once again I know we won't get the answers even though it would be trivial for them to be released post-cancellation.

p.s. In case folks are curious - I've had this problem with sci fi shows all the way back to "Otherworld", another show that I wanted to know more about. I was a mere Level 1 Geek back then - but hey - I still remember it. ;)