Hey folks, forgive the quick note. Today I migrated my newsletter from Mailchimp to Buttondown. As I mentioned here before, I had hit the free tier limit on Mailchimp and while I truly liked their service, this site doesn't really bring in any money so I wanted a cheaper solution. Buttondown looked good and affordable, and even better, it had a heck of a lot of support for migrating from Mailchimp. I took the plunge today and did the migration. That involved:

  • Exporting the list from Mailchimp (and turning off the RSS campaign)
  • Importing into Buttondown
  • Pointing Buttondown at my RSS (more on that in a sec)
  • Updating my Netlify serverless function to hit Buttondown's API for subscriptions

And that's basically it. In theory - everyone subscribed should get a notification about this post. In theory. The email will look a bit different and I'll probably tweak it over time. The biggest change is that I've moved from sending the entire blog post in an email to just the excerpt. Normally if I were you, I'd look at that as a slimy way to get page views. But I've noticed, and I've had people reach out, that my posts don't necessarily render well in email, so I figure this is a good change.

To be clear, this site still points to a "full" RSS feed here, https://www.raymondcamden.com/feed.xml, so folks using feed readers still get everything. This new feed is just for the subscription service and if you're curious, you can see it here: https://www.raymondcamden.com/feed_slim.xml

If you've never subscribed, you can do so here and you'll get one email per new post. I may start doing more emails now that I've got a bit more bandwidth. I'll also use this opportunity to say I'd love to get a sponsor for this site. Buttondown is cheap (and I get a bonus if you signup via that link) but I'd still appreciate the support!

p.s. As a final request, if you do get the email, could you send me a quick note just so I know yall got it? Please and thank you!