It's been a while since I posted about the ColdFusion Unconference coming up at MAX 2009. Here is where we stand now:

  1. Charlie Griefer and Ezra Parker are on the team and will be handling the conference with me. I've got them helping out with - well everything (grin) so things should run even smoother this year.

  2. We are beginning to fill the schedule. We have confirmed speakers and are working to narrow topics down. At this very second the schedule is empty, but you can see it now here: ColdFusion Unconference Basically I just used the nice embed feature from Google Docs. As we update the spreadsheet, it will update the page automatically.

  3. We are still looking for a few more speakers. You do not need to be a MAX speaker. You do need to be a MAX attendee. Have a crazy idea for a session? Contact me and suggest it.

  4. Notice that the schedule matches the MAX Session schedule. That means you won't have a case where one of "our" sessions goes halfway through a MAX session you want to attend.

  5. Because of #4, you will notice we don't have quite as many slots as we did last year. One of the changes I made from last year was to not have sessions during lunch. I'm changing my mind on this. If we can get sponsors for lunch, I'd like to offer pizza, soda, and a lunch time session. Sponsors would need to pony up a minimum of 100 dollars, and would be able to give a quick pitch in exchange. How do folks feel about this? It would give us three more slots and, well, it's pizza (maybe I can sneak in a beer or two) and ColdFusion - so what else do you need? (Beer) Thoughts?