So, last night I blogged about how one of my articles was being reprinted at Sys-Con without my permission. I got a lot of feedback from that posting (thanks everyone), and this morning I got a personal email from the group publisher for Sys-Con. We had breakfast and he explained that what had happaned was that the article was picked out as a potential article for republication, with my permission, but that the web team had thought permission was already granted.

I did not think that there was anything malicious in what happaned, and it does seem like this is a mistake. A bad mistake - but a mistake. I did ask that the article be removed (how else will I pay for the 200 inch flat screen HDTV if I don't get my google adsense checks??) and was told that it would happen soon.

Those of you who read CFDJ know that I am involved with the magazine as the technical editor. I do not always get the chance to tech edit the articles before they go to publication, but when I do, I try to ensure they are properly written. I still feel like CFDJ is a good magazine. (And yes, I know that many people have had issues with the subscription department. I brought that up with the publisher.) I'm in kind of a special place. As you probably have noticed, over the last few months I've dramatically increased my posting amount and have tried to make this blog be the ColdFusion blog for my readers. This is not just because I'm a nice guy, I do get revenue from my sites, but I do hope that I provide a good service to my readers. So with all that being said, I'm a bit defensive about how my content is used. I think the publisher understands that now, and at least for me, I think things are resolved for now.

I will post more if the situation changes. And with that - I may be offline for a while. I'm about 20 minutes away from my final presentation (that sounds a bit morbid ;) and after that I pack to head to the airport. So if you post any questions here, it may be a good day or so before I respond.