Registering for MAX? Use me!

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Ok, so "use me" may not be a great title, but if you are considering registering for MAX, please do the following:

On the third page of the registration process at the top of the page there is a box to check that says "Check here if you are a member of a community or user group." Checking that will pop up another text box that says "Please input your community leader or user group manager's name".

On this page you would enter my name as a referral. Now as a speaker, I've got a free pass anyway, but a) I want to drive people to register and b) the top referral "driver" gets a brand new top of the line MacBook Pro!

Note - Only do this if you aren't a member of a local user group. If you are a member of a local user group, use your own manager's name, not mine!

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