Hello from lovely Las Vegas, where, believe it or not, it is actually cooler (temperature-wise) than where I flew in from. This week I'll be speaking at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit and I can't wait to see some old familiar faces. I've got a speaker dinner in a few minutes so this post probably won't get wrapped up till late tonight (or tomorrow), but how about some fresh links to start off your October?

Warp, a beautiful (Mac only) Terminal #

Having been on Windows now for a few years, it really kinda grates on my nerves how many "developer" products tend to ignore the fact that most developers are on Windows. That being said, I've got a Mac for work, and my buddy Todd had shared this with me, Warp. Warp is a terminal, again, Mac only, that is pretty darn cool. For example, when you run a command, it will group the command and output into a graphically defined 'unit', making it a bit easier to visually group commands and results. It also has built-in code sharing, so you can take a command and its result and easily share it with others.

The best thing to do is watch this really well put together video by Jess (not sure of her last name), a developer advocate at the company:

The State of HTML Survey #

If you've been in the web development space for long, you've probably seen, and taken, the State of JavaScript and State of CSS surveys. For the first time ever, you can now take the State of HTML Survey. This is an important survey meant to help browser and standards organizations better understand how web developers use HTML and what their pain points are. I highly encourage everyone reading this to make the time to fill it out.

Wifi "Playing" on an Airplane #

Having just spent a few hours on a plane, this article was a really fun read. James Vaughan recently took a Southwest flight and had trouble with the inflight wifi. While the external connection to the Internet wasn't working, he was able to poke around a bit and find some interesting (and totally safe) information about the flight. He wrote up his experience and shared the data he was able to track. Check it out here: Wifi without internet on a Southwest flight

Just For Fun #

I've had multiple people ask about the "jellyfish" behind my head when I'm giving a presentation. You can kinda see it in the screen cap from a presentation below:

The picture really doesn't do it justice. There are two "jellyfish" (plastic things, not live animals) that swirl in the water while the color changes. If you want your own, and I love mine, you can get it through the link here (and yes, I get a small kickback from Amazon): Jellyfish