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I will most likely have little to no postings over the next week or so. I'm in the middle of a large project that is going slow, and I've got to prep for MAX, so forgive me if I don't respond to Ask a Jedi questions very quickly. I've got about... oh.... 70 or so in my queue, so I should be done sometime this year. ;)

Now for the random TV topics...

Lost is absolutely fabulous this year. I thought it had a hold on me last year, but this year somehow managed to crank it up even more. My current theory is that an experiment went horribly wrong. On the orientation video the narrator mentioned that an incident occurred and that is why the code must be entered every 108 minutes. I'm thinking it involves "flipping" the brain somehow, maybe turning people into monsters. (Mentally, not physically.) That could explain the "Others" and how the Jin(sp) somehow speaks in English with no accent in tonight's episode. But to be honest I'm probably 100% wrong.

Battlestar Galactica is good, darn good, but not as good as the first year. This isn't to say the show is bad - far from it - it is the best SciFi on tv now (I don't consider Lost as "just" SciFi), but I hope they can get a bit of the intensity they had in season one. The premier, "33", was one of the best shows I've seen on TV.

Justice League - I had read about this show on AintItCool for quite some time, but never got around to watching it. I setup my DVR to record it, and finally got around to watching it. What a surprise this show was. First off - the dialog is amazing. It has some of the best humour I've heard, and is very out of place in "just" a cartoon.

What really gets me though is the maturity of the themes. First off - there is an actual history to the show. On one episode, a character not only made mention to not one but two previous episodes. Ok, I know, big deal, but for a cartoon, it was surprising. It gets better though. The primary adversary of the League is the Cadmus (Project? Team? I forget). This is a government agency created to find a way to either get the League under their own control, or to create a way to become more powerful than the League. So, right out of the bat, you have, as the bad guys, a government agency. Again, no big deal (anyone seen X-Files?) But this is a kids cartoon - and this is post-911. (Although the media is supposed to be all liberals anyway.)

However - that isn't the end of it. It's not "Superman Good, Evil Government Secret Agency Bad" - on more than one occasion you see the League, and even Superman, abusing their powers and simply going too far. Lois Lane even confronts Superman about it. So maybe I'm reading too much into this - but the fact that this level of complexity is being shown on a cartoon is nice. (Ok, I'm a geek. Sue me.)

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Archived Comments

Comment 1 by rd posted on 10/13/2005 at 2:58 AM

Lost is incredible... have you heard the internet ramblings about how Desmond's area looked entirely different up until the second that they blasted the hatch? They never showed his face until the blast, then the record skips, and all the sudden everything is dark and dusty and old looking, also people have screenshots of the record player changing models drastically (metal to wood) and lamps changing and moving. Could just be a bad continuity error, or something more elaborate.

Comment 2 by Scott Stroz posted on 10/13/2005 at 4:55 PM

I am new to Lost (Thanx to you and a handful of others), and I think it is a gret show. Long ago, I gave up trying to figure out shows, basically becasue I suck at it and get obsessed with it. I would rather juts wait patiently for my weekly dose and tehn go about my business ;)

Comment 3 by Raymond Camden posted on 10/13/2005 at 5:25 PM

rd: Nope, I hadn't heard that. Got a URL?

Comment 4 by Scott Stroz posted on 10/15/2005 at 8:35 AM

I came a little late to teh 'Lost' party, adn I am playing 'catch-up' by watching Season 1. I have watched 8 episodes (about 2 weeks of 'Lost' time.

Why is it that they spend all day, almost every day at teh beach, yet no one has even so much as a tan, much less horrid sunburn?