ColdFusion Unconference - Sessions Announced

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So this was actually announced quite a bit earlier on Twitter, but as I've been bug hunting all day I didn't get a chance to blog about it till now. You can now find the official list of sessions and speakers for the ColdFusion Unconference here:

ColdFusion Unconference

I've actually purchased a nicer domain name but haven't yet hooked it up. Ignoring that though - check out the list of speakers and sessions. This is a fracking rock star set of content if I may be so bold. (Yes, I will be.)

I will also remind people that you can attend MAX for the low cost of 200 dollars. Yes, 200 bucks. That gives you that "Exhibits-only" pass which allows you access to all 4 Unconferences. (Yes, there are 3 other ones as well. But all the cool kids will be at the ColdFusion one.) I think it's worthwhile to go for the full MAX experience but if you are on a limited budget, this is definitely a great option.

I've only one thing left to say:

Big thanks to all the speakers who agreed to participate as well as Ezra Parker and Charlie Griefer for once again being co-managers of this event.

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