I released a small update to SpoolMail this morning. I was working on a project this morning (at 5AM, now that I'm not sick anymore it's back to 5 or so hours of sleep at night) and realized that I couldn't use SpoolMail to check the CC or BCC values of mails. That is now done. I also added a simple Refresh button to the top frame.

For those who may not know (and it's been many months since the last release), I built SpoolMail as a way of reading the mail files that ColdFusion generates on a box with no mail server. This is a handy way to check the mail generated by your application without having to open a bunch of text files. It basically adds a simple mail reader to the ColdFusion administrator. (I assume most folks know how to add entries to the ColdFusion Admin, right? If not, let me know and I'll have an excuse to blog again. :)