Yes, my continued affair with Dreamweaver CS4 continues. Today Adobe published my latest article: Creating a Spry HTML data set

I went into this being convinced that I'd never use an HTML dataset in Spry, but they are actually pretty darn handy. I can see how they would be useful for people who don't feel comfortable creating XML or JSON. I know I've got at least one reader who maintains their data in a simple HTML table.

Also, I was extremely impressed with how easy DWCS4 made the process. I hope I was able to adequately express that in the article. You can go from a few clicks in the IDE to a table that loads data via AJAX and has column sorting built in. For people who don't make their day to day living slinging JavaScript code or working in ColdFusion, DW can really be a powerful tool.

Oh, and I love the Smurf Ray on the ADC home page: