Model-Glue: What is reserved in the view state?

Someone asked me on IRC yesterday what values are reserved in the viewState for Model-Glue. Since Model-Glue doesn't have the best documentation yet (poke Joe!), I pinged him and did a bit of testing. There are currently only four values that exist by default. You should avoid using a viewState/event arg value with these names:

  • event: The name of the current event. This could be useful for debugging/logging.
  • eventValue: I believe this is simply the URL variable checked for events. Model-Glue lets you configure this. I've never had a need to though.
  • myself: A link back home. This is useful in building links back to your Model-Glue app, as you can use this value and just append the link, like so: <a href="#viewState.getValue("myself")#eventNNN">
  • self: This is the value that tripped up my friend on IRC. As far as I know it is just a pointer to the file name of the core Model-Glue file (index.cfm typically).
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