Folks, I'm very sorry to say this, but after repeated cleanings of the queue, MailEnable is still creating thousand of thousands of emails and dropping the server. I'm shutting down the listserv so as to not pound folks. I know some list subscribers got hundreds of emails, and for that, I greatly apologize. MailEnable has done this once or twice in the past, but my previous fixes do not appear to be working now.

Because MailEnable decides to completely fill my hard drive, it also has an impact on my ColdFusion sites. The PDF at the ColdFusion Cookbook is down, and I'm sure my sites are probably responding poorly in general.

This is my plan. I'm looking for a corporate sponsor who would be willing to pick up a license for SmarterMail. In return, I'll exchange four months of credit on the listserv. I should be able to get the member list out of the piece of crap known as MailEnable. Once I have that, and hopefully a SmartMail license, I should be able to reset the list back up.

So - again - for those who got mail bombed today, I apologize. For those wanting CFCDev back up, trust me, I want it to, and I will try to return it as soon as possible.

My main email should still be working, but if you have issues mailing me, ping me via my work address. It's jedimaster at roundpeg dot com.

Just to be clear - this has nothing to do with They graciously host my box, the list, and the community sites here free of charge. I cannot thank them enough!