Soundings ColdFusion Survey Application Updated

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I've updated Soundings, my ColdFusion Survey application. Changes include:

  • I know some (poor) people are unable to create mappings with their host. Soundings will now work without a mapping.
  • Those same (poor) people may be with a host with limited datasources. You can now use the "tableprefix" property so that Soundings can live in another database.
  • My recent fix for CFMX7 charts broke compatibility with CFMX6. That should be fixed now.
  • There was a bug with some charts being too short. I've given them all growth hormones and they are all now the same size. They are quite big... but I figured one size for all was fine.

Enjoy. As always, you can download the code from the project page. Today's build was brought to you by Ferry Corsten, best trance DJ I've ever heard.

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