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I don't know about you guys, but I'm beginning to think the coolest Adobe property out there now is the Labs site. First off - Adobe released a new plugin for Eclipse called JSEclipse. As you can probably guess, this is a JavaScript plugin for Eclipse. I've got it installed and it seems pretty darn cool. My JavaScript was a bit rusty before I started playing with AJAX more and this will definitely help a lot.

Secondly, and this isn't new (as far as I know), there is a RSS feed for Labs. You can find the different flavors here:

Adobe Labs - RSS Feeds

One problem though - it seems to be a bit behind. Can someone at Adobe possibly look into this?

Edited: By the way, don't forget that you can use RSSWatcher to monitor RSS feeds. I just added a profile for the Labs RSS feeds so I will get an email when it is updated.

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Comment 1 by Jeff posted on 12/16/2006 at 9:00 PM

Just for the record, Interakt (recently acquired by Adobe) created JSeclipse. It has great code insight capabilities that pulls in from the current JS file and others that are linked. We've used it for quite sometime at work.

Comment 2 by Raymond Camden posted on 12/16/2006 at 9:06 PM

So it isn't new? Well, new to me then I guess. :)

Comment 3 by Alexandru Costin posted on 12/16/2006 at 10:11 PM

Hi Ray,
It's indeed not a new product, but making it "old news to lots of Adobe customers" is what we're after.

Please let us know how do you feel on JSEclipse, and how can we improve it to help you with your Ajax work,


Comment 4 by Raymond Camden posted on 12/16/2006 at 10:18 PM

Spry support? :)

Also - I don't think this is possible at the Eclipse level - but maybe I'm wrong. Is there any way I can open a CFM file that contains JS and have JSEclipse support JUST the JS portion inside the CF and have CFEclipse handle the CF? I assume not. (And obviously it makes sense to put your JS into it's own file, but you can't do that all the time.)

Comment 5 by Alexandru Costin posted on 12/16/2006 at 10:25 PM

I think we already support Spry, as JSEclipse was designed to "understand" libraries directly by parsing them. However, we haven't made any Spry-specific enhancement yet - and we'll consider this for the future,

As for inline editing, this is something we always wanted to do - but we have met some technical problems. Maybe we should speak with the CFEclipse guys and see what can be done in that area.


Comment 6 by Raymond Camden posted on 12/16/2006 at 10:29 PM

Interesting. So Eclipse _would_ allow 2 plugins to be active in one file at a time? If so - that is mighty cool.

Comment 7 by Dan Wilson posted on 12/17/2006 at 9:14 PM

Alexandru Costin,

I have downloaded JSEclipse several times. Even well before Adobe purchased InterAKT. I've never been able to install it properly however. Is JSEclipse functional on Eclipse 3.2?

Dan Wilson

Comment 8 by Kelvin Luck posted on 12/17/2006 at 9:41 PM

Has anyone used Aptana and JSEclipse? I'd be interested to hear how they compare - I've been using Aptana for a while for my JS and it is quite nice but still not as good as e.g. FDT is for editing ActionScript.
I was wondering if JSEclipse is better or worse than Aptana and what it does well/ badly...

Comment 9 by Remus Stratulat posted on 12/18/2006 at 2:44 PM

JSEclipse is working well on Eclipse 3.2. Try the automatic install or the archived site.

What do you mean by not being able to properly install it?


Comment 10 by Dan Wilson posted on 12/18/2006 at 6:54 PM

Remus Stratulat,

Thanks for the tip. I was able to successfully complete the installation using the Automatic Install.

I still had problems using the New Archived Site installation.

Here are the details, if they help:
jar:file:C:/Documents and Settings/dwilson53/Desktop/!/

Network connection problems encountered during search.
Unable to access "jar:file:C:/Documents and Settings/dwilson53/Desktop/!/".
Unable to access site: "jar:file:C:/Documents and Settings/dwilson53/Desktop/!/" [The system cannot find the file specified]
Unable to access site: "jar:file:C:/Documents and Settings/dwilson53/Desktop/!/" [The system cannot find the file specified]

Looking at the error message, there is an exclamation point (!) at the end of the file name. That isn't something I am putting in there.....

Comment 11 by Remus Stratulat posted on 12/18/2006 at 7:02 PM

Well, the New Archived Site works only for the 1.5.3 version that you can download from the Adobe Labs.

The has a different manual installation that involves copying the jars at their corresponding locations in Eclipse folder.

Comment 12 by Sam Farmer posted on 12/18/2006 at 7:10 PM

While it is great to see Adobe extend to JSEclipse, it would be awesome if they had someone paid on staff to work on CFEclipse.

Comment 13 by Ken Dunnington posted on 12/18/2006 at 10:41 PM

FYI, you need to be running Eclipse on the 1.5 JVM to use JSEclipse. I've been running on 1.4.2 because I find it more stable on OS X, but YMMV. I've used JSEclipse in the past, but I liked Aptana's JS editor better. However, that was an older version of JSEclipse, so I'm going to give this update a whirl.

Comment 14 by CrasS posted on 9/13/2007 at 8:12 PM

ok. fine site and so on.

but jseclipse 1.2 was free ... now 99 blings to adobe
godzilla monopoly killa was the F**K is this ???

be serious, adobe, get a life ;]

Comment 15 by Raymond Camden posted on 9/13/2007 at 8:15 PM

Where do you see a price? The link on Labs is still there and it is still free.

Comment 16 by Remus Stratulat posted on 9/13/2007 at 11:16 PM


JSEclipse can be downloaded from Adobe Labs and it is still free.