So, I'm slowly learning Asp.Net when I've got a few free minutes here and there. Somethings really impress me. The UI Form control are nice, and I love being able to tie functions directly to event handlers. It has a real... tight feel that CF does not (in most cases, not all).

One thing that doesn't make sense though (and again, I'm still learning so this may become more obvious later on) is why MS didn't spend any time making a simple asp:query tag. From what I see, using a query is still not as simple as CF. (To be honest, I've not seen any language do query/query output as well as CF.) Performing a query, and then looping over it, should be as easy as their calendar tag or other form controls. Sure its easy to tie a query to a pretty data sheet, but why not make getting the query just as easy.

In many ASP versus CF comparison charts, the ease of use of queries has come up many times. I have to wonder why MS didn't reconignize this.

So, those of you who develop in ASP, what do you do? Do you design your own controls, or functions, to simplify performing queries? How about then using the query result sets?