Unfortunately I don't have any screen shots, but the coolest thing I've seen so far at CFUNITED is the new product coming out from the Fusion Reactor guys. The product is called (and I should stress that as I don't have the product in front of me I will probably get some details wrong) Fusion Analytics. It offers a better way to work with your servers. It can parse any log as well as work with the Server Monitor API. It can then bring all of these various services together into one tool.

You have to see this to really get it - but being able to visually see spikes in your cpu and memory and then right below see the requests that were being fired is incredibly useful. You can right away narrow down on the templates that are causing issues on your server.

This isn't anything you can't do now really - with about 5-6 tabs in Firefox and a lot of switching back and forth. I know I'd much rather use a tool like this though.

I was also shown another tool with may or may not be a separate product. I can't remember the name, but it acts a bit like my old Starfish product. It gathers ColdFusion debugging information into a tool that lets you browse the data. In other words - instead of the debug information being plastered at the bottom, you can view it in a nice Flex interface and see historical data as well. I honestly can't remember the name of this thing, but it was "hot".