CHF Warning - Impacts MXUnit

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Just a quick warning about the CHF I just blogged about. It makes a small change to the LOCAL scope that can impact your code. It definitely breaks MXUnit's test runner. The change involves code that sets LOCAL variable. Imagine the following UDF:

<cfscript> function foo() { var local = ""; local.x = 1; return x; } </cfscript>


Notice how I set local to a string, and then treat is a structure later. While that may be a bit sloppy, it works fine until you apply the CHF. Once you do, you get:

LOCAL is explicit scope in ColdFusion 9.
You can only assign LOCAL to a struct. You cannot assign LOCAL to java.lang.String

This is easy enough to fix, and easy to fix within MXUnit. Just find runner/HtmlRunner.cfc and delete line 13, which should be:

<cfset var local = "">

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