A very minor update has been posted to the blog code. There was a mispelling in the email sent to people who post to entries. I also made the subject of the email use the blogTitle variable. Another new feature is a SQL file for PostgreSQL. This was provided by Josh Trefethen. Thanks Josh!

On a completely different topic, yesterday was Father's Day, and once again I'm blessed to be able to celebrate this day. For those who don't know me too well (and who didn't bother to read my boring bio on camdenfamily.com), I have two rugrats - one three (Jacob) and one 19 months old (Lynn). They gave me (with a little help from their mother) two movies, Catch Me if You Can and About Schmidt. I watched CMIFYC last night - and it was a great movie. I don't think I've seen a Spielberg film yet that didn't have a great story. Some didn't have great acting... but the stories have always been enjoyable. Now I'm totally off topic, but has anyone seen Empire of the Sun? It seems like one of his less popular films, but it's one of his best (imho) - it's certainly very haunting and powerful.