Quick tip for getting Adobe Shadow working in certain Wi-Fi environments

I've blogged quite a bit about the coolness that is Adobe Shadow. One issue that has cropped up from time to time is that Shadow sometimes does not work well in certain Wi-Fi environments. Conferences are a good example, but so is the office I'm currently sitting in. Basically, the network here is blocking my iPad from seeing my Macbook. It isn't a Shadow issue. Safari can't hit my machine at all. I've seen this in the Adobe offices as well.

On a whim I tried something. On my Macbook I enabled Internet Sharing via Bluetooth.

Then - on my iPad, I connected my iPad to the MacBook via Bluetooth:

For good measure, I then turned off Wifi as well. I confirmed my iPad could browse the net and then tried Shadow. It seems to be working well, if maybe a bit slower than before. But the point is - it works.

I don't work on the Shadow team so please take this advice with a huge grain of salt.

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