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My blog, like most blogs, allows me to express an opinion, share news, write reviews, or whatever, and then people can comment on them. If I choose to, I can reply, but the comments are really secondary... normally. (I'm not trying to say they are unimportant, but you get the idea.)

I belong to a very small listserv with a few good friends. These are people who - while I seem to disagree with most of them - I have an enormous amount of respect for. We are currently discussing recent decisions by the FCC and basic ideas of what our country should allow corporations to do. I think it's a great discussion (although my friends are completely wrong ;). I'd love to share it on the blog - however - the comments system isn't really well suited for something like this. We could make one very long blog entry - and use different colours and stuff to represent each author - but that doesn't seem right either. Comments - as I said - wouldn't work. I'd want this discussion to be limited - not because I don't value your input, but because I'd want to keep things focused. It's kind of like - how would a blog handle a political debate... which would have a few participants, but many viewers? A "member-only" theaded discussion could handle it - but how do you integrate that into a blog setting.


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Comment 1 by Rob Brooks-Bilson posted on 6/2/2003 at 10:26 PM

I find myself reading your blog a lot today... Anyhow, it sounds to me like what you want to do is basically have an ongoing "chat" with a few select participants, with the transcript of that chat posted where others can read it, but not participate. Is that it?

Comment 2 by Bryan F. Hogan posted on 6/2/2003 at 10:30 PM

Ray, I had the same idea. The best thing that I could think of would be a RIA discussion app.

One could click on a link to view discussions which would open a small ria app that lists all topics collapsed. Upon clicking on the collapsed topic it would list a collapsed list of replies, etc, etc.

If designed well, I think it would be a very easy and cool addition to a blog. Eventually I will have the time to create it, but if someone beats me to it, all the better.

Comment 3 by Rob Brooks-Bilson posted on 6/2/2003 at 10:35 PM


This sounds kinda like what I was talking about - although your RIA idea is more elegant. Basically, it''s like private chat that non-participants can view.

Comment 4 by Bryan F. Hogan posted on 6/3/2003 at 12:03 AM

Yeah, sort-of, I really wasn''t thinking of a chat app. Although that is a good option also. It would actually be a discussion forum but a simple one that can only be viewed.

If it was a discussion type app it would allow the user to easily sort through the past information. Instead of joining in on reading in the middle of a chat.

Comment 5 by William Steiner posted on 6/3/2003 at 3:00 PM

This is the perfect distinction between "what is a blog" and "what is a forum". Ray, I think you are 100% on target with "comments are really secondary" in a blog. The focus is the author''s opinion.

I think the best way to handle a discussion in a blog is to link to it..."hey we are having a cool discussion on...you can read it here" with a link to it. Though since your discussion is happening on a ListServ...that doesn''t really work. Linking to a page...or even just making the long blog entry as you mentioned - while sort of hinky - is a good solution for THIS particular issue. If a discussion is needed - then use a forum. You could have your own forum linked to your blog.

Bottom line is that when I am reading blogs...I am just reading - and occasionally throwing out a comment. I personally don''t like to see "Comments(54)" at the bottom of a blog entry. And that is my 5 cents.

Comment 6 by Roger Benningfield posted on 6/3/2003 at 4:47 PM

Ray: If you want, I can slip you a pre-release copy of JournURL that you can play with. You can configure it to do exactly what you''re asking for.

Comment 7 by Jeff Wilkinson posted on 1/16/2004 at 9:40 PM

how about how slashdot does it? a blog-like post followed by a threaded discussion forum section...