Are you going to CF Objective?

If not - why not? CF Objective is an excellent conference. I will be honest and say that I have not attended one, but folks I know and trust have raved about it, and it's run by one of the smarter (and tallest, is it a coincidence?) guys I know, Jared. CF Objective is being held May 3-6 in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. (I hear in May there is only 2-3 feet of snow.)

This conference is not for beginners. If you are an intermediate to advanced programmer looking to really increase your skills, you need to give this conference a try.

The price is very nice as well. The 3 day, early bird price (expires April 1st) is 395.

Oh - and I'll be speaking as well. Anyone want to share a hotel room? I'm cheap now that I'm on my own.

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