Ask a Jedi: ColdFusion Calendar

I’ve mentioned before that I’m going to, on an occasional basis, post questions where I don’t have a great answer. That is because I have a wonderful audience and I know they can help out. As before, if this bugs people, let me know.

Joel wants to know about ColdFusion Calendars:

Do you know of any good coldfusion-based calendars? We currently have a solution, but the company we purchased it from has since gone under.

I am not aware of one. I wrote an entry on how to build one in ColdFusion. I also released GoogleCalendar.cfc, which lets you integrate with the new Google Calendar service. But again - I am not aware of a “Calendar” product for ColdFusion.

The first place I checked was Brian’s wonder ColdFusion Open Source Project List. There I found:

i18n calendars
[A] set of CFCs that use icu4j java library to handle non-gregorian calendars. these CFC know islamic, buddhist, chinese, japanese emperor, hebrew, persian, coptic, ethopian and persian (via dr. ghasem kiani's library) calendars.

But that was the only thing close. So - time for the audience to help out. Also do not forget that ColdFusion can generate a calendar automatically inside forms in CFMX7.

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