So this will either excite you or bore you to tears, but I thought I'd do a quick review of the top entries over the past year. I'm basing "top entries" on the entries that gained the most comments. You can see this list on the stats page, but that list isn't restricted to 2005. Here are the top entries from this year:

Call to BlogCFC Users (100 comments)
This was my blog entry asking to see who was using BlogCFC. To be honest, I thought I had about 10-15 people using it. Not over a hundred. I am incredibly happy that my little blogware is helping people out. Hope everyone enjoys the ride to version 5 in 2006!

Ask a Jedi (61 comments)
I have to admit something. The "Ask a Jedi" series was created to both help users, and help me. I've spent a lot of time on my blog - both from a code perspective and as a "business". Hence the ads. But the goal isn't just to get rich (which would be nice), but to increase readership. I want to be "THE" ColdFusion blog. I don't know if I ever will get there - but I figure if I can help a few people on the way, than I succeeded. So far, the Ask a Jedi series is working well I think. I have over 100 emails waiting for me (as a reminder, don't use the feature for quick help!) and I think the questions have been nice. A good mix of "newbie" stuff with "What the heck is this" as well.

Light Side or Dark Side - Help me choose... (50 comments)
The old "PC versus Mac" argument. I ended up getting a Dell XPS Gen 5 Dual Core. It does run very well, although I still get frustrated by Windows. For example - have "My Computer" open. Put a CD in. Then have the nerve to try to open C. Oh no. Windows wants to scan that CD and show the right icon. I'd kill for an Explorer that... well... isn't Explorer. Yes, I know I can use the command line. But it is quicker to double click. What I really want is an Explorer that is super simple. Just icons based on file types. I did end up getting a Mac Mini. I use it for IRC and to test sites with Safari. It isn't my primary machine, but it seems to work very, especially for a supposedly "low-end" device. I've decided that my next laptop will be a Mac - I'm just waiting for the Intel CPUs next year.

Intermediate ColdFusion Contest (45 comments)
I've run two code contests here - and I absolutely love the response. I don't really have anything to comment on - except to repeat that I am working on the advanced one.

Starfish ColdFusion Debugger Version 0 Released (Comments 44)
Starfish is my little CF profiler project. I'm not sure if I will ever finish it - but it did get a lot of attention. I think this is a clear sign for Adobe - we need more tools to help us profile our ColdFusion apps! There are some applications out there, and I swear I'm going to review Fusion-Reactor as soon as I can - but I'd like to see Adobe move on this as well.

That's it for the top 5 entries. Here are the next 5 in case you are curious:
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