Examples of ColdFusion 9 Script Support

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A few weeks ago I posted a simple guide to dealing with features you could not use in ColdFusion 9 script based code. While CF9 went a long way to making the scripting form more powerful, there are still some holes that need patching. One of the things that can be a bit confusing though is figuring out all the new script based forms of tags we've used in the past. While not a deep dive, I decided to write up a quick template that ran through all of these new keywords just so I'd have the syntax handy. I hope this helps.

Doing a dump...
<cfscript> writedump(var=server,top=2,label="You betcha"); </cfscript>

Doing an include...
<cfscript> include "foo.cfm"; //a dynamic version... x = "test2.cfm"; include x; </cfscript>

Doing a cflocation...
<cfscript> location(url="test2.cfm",addtoken=false); </cfscript>

<cfscript> param name="y" default=1 min=1; writeOutput("y is " & y); </cfscript>

Doing a lock...
<cfscript> lock type="exlcusive" name="somelock" timeout="30" { //stuff } </cfscript>

Doing a log...
<cfscript> writelog(file="application", text="beer time?"); </cfscript>

Doing cfsavecontent...
<cfscript> savecontent variable="buffer" { include "test2.cfm"; } </cfscript>

Exception handling...
<cfscript> try { writeoutput("unknown #variablename#"); } catch(any e) { //if(e.errnumber == 0) rethrow; writedump(var=e); } finally { writeoutput("<p>finally...."); } </cfscript>

<cfscript> trace(category="beer",text="my trace"); </cfscript>

<cfscript> thread name="slowthing" priority="low" { sleep(1000); } </cfscript>

<cfscript> transaction action="begin" {


} </cfscript>

Throwing an exception...
<cfscript> throw(message="You smell", detail="No, you REALLY smell"); </cfscript>

Stopping the execution of a request
<cfscript> abort; </cfscript>

I think that covers everything, but if I missed something, let me know.

Shoot - one more just occurred to me. You can set pagencoding for a CFC at the top of the file - but after the component begins, ala:

component car { pageencoding "Cp1252" }

I've yet to use that syntax.

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