Just a short note to let folks know I'm back, but as I'm sick it may take me a while to respond to some of the emails I got over the past few days. I thought I'd share a scary little story about my flight. I've been suffering with a head cold the last few days, which is mostly just annoying more than anything else. Flying into San Francisco though I noticed that during landing, my ears started to hurt pretty bad. I assumed it was just sinus issues and I ignored it.

Returning yesterday though something odd happened. Along with the ear pain, I felt a pinch right above my left eye. Then it felt like it was close to exploding. Remember that scene in Total Recall where Arnie breaks his space suit helmet and his eyes bulge? That's pretty much how I felt. (Although with a less future-governor type feeling.) This repeated itself again during the descent, and once when landing in Lafayette.

I'll never look at a cold as just being annoying again. ;) I'll certainly reconsider flying with me.

Outside of that - I absolutely loved being back in SF and wish I could have stayed a bit longer.