"Wounded Horse" almost sounds like a name I'd get from an Indian chief. Anyway - I thought folks might be bored enough to want to know how my arm was doing. Since I reported on it Tuesday, it hadn't really changed much. I was popping the hydrocodone as fast as I could (following the directions of course), but in general, nothing was improving. However, yesterday after my morning pill, the pain seemed to really go away. So much so that I didn't take another pill all day.

Now the scary thing is that while I have some movement back, in some ways I can't move the arm at all. I don't mean it hurts too much - I mean I can't move it. I'd say it was like a bad network connection to the muscle. I'm not quite sure what that means - but I guess I'm happy I'm not counting the minutes till my next pain pill. (Although I'm still taking the anti-inflamatory pills every 6 hours.) I'm going to pop another pain pill this morning, but I'm sure it will last me all day.

On Tuesday I have an appointment with a doctor to take a good look at the arm, so I'll post an update then. Oh - and btw - if you are ever in deep, intense pain, hydrocodone is your friend. I mean - seriously - it's like the pill just fills me love.