So, I haven't been blogging much about the conference since I've spent so much time on the phone dealing with Delta, or "Idiots with Wings." The conference this year is simply amazing. It's always been good - but this year is even better. The quality of sessions - the keynotes - the facility - are all top notch. I know everyone is saying this, but this is, without a doubt, the best ColdFusion conference around.

A few notes: I went to New Atlanta's session on BlueDragon.Net which was pretty darn interesting. I'm going to download and play with it when I get back home.

I went to Joe Reinhart(sp)'s BOF last night on ModelGlue. The best part of that was the preview of 1.0. If you haven't taken a look yet at the framework, you really need too. I believe the URL is:

The lunch keynote by Joel (from Joel on Software) was funny, informtive, and truly interesting. It dealt with style of substance and had lots of pictures of Brad Pit and Angelie Jolie. (Ok, sounds silly, but it was pretty darn good.)

More later...