I just sat through the keynote at CFUNITED and thought I'd share some of the highlights. There was a good section on Flex 2, focusing on the application wizards you can now get in Flex Builder 2. (By the way, you can also use these outside of Flex Builder 2 since they are just an Eclipse plugin.) What I think most people want to hear is what was revealed about ColdFusion 8. First, the new CF product manager, Jason Delmore, took the stage and introduced himself. He said that CF8 would be focused on innovation. Over 200 engineering weeks have already been put into CF8. He then showed two demos.

The first demo showed a new tag, CFPDFFORM. This lets you populate PDF forms from CF data, as well as extracting PDF form data. Very handy stuff I think.

The next demo showed CFPRESENTATION. You can now create Breeze presentations from ColdFusion. Amazing. Breeze is a wonderful technology. He demonstrated a Breeze presentation that included flash charts, where the data was being populated via ColdFusion. This would be wonderful for quickly creating and sharing demos.

p.s. Sorry for the slow posting. The wireless is being very flakey.