BlogCFC 5.9.1 Released

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I've just upated BlogCFC to version 5.9.1. This is one of the biggest releases in a while. It's mainly a guilt release. As folks know, version 6 has been well delayed. I decided to work on the 5.x branch again and clear up some old bugs and features that I had planned for version 6. So what's new?

  • You can now delete a comment via email. When you get the email notification of a new comment (you being the admin), you have a special link. Clicking on this link will delete the comment without you even needing to log in. Basically, fire and forget.
  • In the same vein, if you have comment moderation turned on, the email will include a link to approve the comment. (Thanks to Brian Kotek.)
  • You can now subscribe to an entry without having to post a comment.
  • Podcasting support. This was written by Brian Meloche.
  • For entry enclosures, you can now manually enter a file name. This is handy for files that are too big to upload via HTTP (like files for podcasting).
  • Multiple small bugs and other changes to generally approve the platform.

You can download BlogCFC from RIForge at

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