So this is a (slightly edited) email I got earlier today. I didn't want to blog it as it sounds like I'm just bragging on myself (ok, I am a bit), but it reminded me of the power that those of who blog (or participate in the community in general) have, and it's something we need to keep in mind. Sometimes it seems like I'm preaching to the choir, but it's nice to know that we can have a greater impact:

So, I thought Friday was just any average day. The owner of the company pulled myself and a colleague into an office. We were being told that a developer/manager that had left the company years ago is returning and is going to be a Project Manager.

The discussion somehow turned into us (developers) ambushing the owner of the company and showing him what we've been up to development-wise. We got several "Wow, I had no idea" repeatedly and an follow-up meeting has been requested.

Today, I find out that all of our software upgrade requests (CS3 Upgrades) have been "Approved" along with CF8. That wasn't the big news though. I was taken aback though as I thought we'd just be upgrading our standard boxes. Nope, the upgrade to Enterprise has been approved. I was just happy to get CF8 in-house, but news of Enterprise has me speechless. The company don't normally spring for purchase like this and getting anything software approved is like pulling teeth as we're a small company doing some major work around [[Deleted]].

Apparently our discussion impressed him. Want to know what I did? During the course of explaining/demo'ing our existing capabilities, I mentioned CF8 features such as "Ajax" and I demo'ed

Thanks Ray, for having up and running. I thought you might like to know that your work inspired something out there.

Sweet. Maybe I can get a royalty check out of Adobe. ;)