Simple image slide show built in ColdFusion 8

I wrote up a quick and dirty slide show application in ColdFusion 8 and thought I’d share the code. While it isn’t very pretty (I have a second version to show you tomorrow), it gets the job done. First take a look at the demo, and then I’ll describe the code: Demo

The demo makes use of two ColdFusion 8 features - image support and and the cflayout tag. Let me talk first about how the images are handled. I begin by getting a list of all the files in a folder:

<!--- get my images ---> <cfdirectory action="list" directory="#folder#" name="images" type="file">

Note the new type attribute. This lets you filter a directory listing to just files or directories. Next I run a query of query to filter out just the images. Why not use the filter attribute? The cfdirectory tag only lets you filter by one extension. I wanted to support both GIFs and JPGs so I used the following:

<!--- filter out jpg and gif and _thumb_* ---> <cfquery name="images" dbtype="query"> select name from images where (lower(name) like '%.jpg' or lower(name) like '%.gif') and lower(name) not like '_thumb_%' </cfquery>

Notice the last condition. I’m also going to filter out any file named thumb*. Why? I’m getting there.

Next I create a simple layout using the cflayoutarea tag, type=border. I’m not going to bother showing that code here, you can see it at the end. In my left hand menu I want to show all my pictures, but I want to show thumbnails and not a scaled down version of the full image. How do I do that?

<cfloop query="images"> <cfif not fileExists(folder & "_thumb_" & name)> <cfimage source="#folder##name#" action="read" name="newimage"> <cfset imageScaleToFit(newimage, 100, 100)> <cfimage action="write" source="#newimage#" destination="#folder#/_thumb_#name#" overwrite="true"> </cfif>

&lt;cfoutput&gt;&lt;a href="javaScript:setImage('#jsStringFormat(name)#');"&gt;&lt;img src="#folderurl#/_thumb_#name#" border="0" vspace="5" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/cfoutput&gt; &lt;/cfloop&gt;		   </code>

I begin by looping over my images query. For each one, I check for the existence of a thumbnail version. If it doesn’t exist, I read in the file using cfimage. I then use the scaleToFit function. This will resize and keep the proportions of my thumbnail. Lastly I write out the scaled down image. That last bit of JavaScript just sets the image for my main display.

Pretty simple, eh? As I said, I got a slightly sexier version to show tomorrow. Here is the complete code for the demo. Note that I abstracted out the URL and folder for images. In theory you could turn this into a simple custom tag.

<cfsetting showdebugoutput=false>

<!— what url is the folder, relative from me —> <cfset folderurl = “images2”> <!— full path to folder —> <cfset folder = expandPath(“./images2/”)>

<!— get my images —> <cfdirectory action=”list” directory=”#folder#” name=”images” type=”file”>

<!— filter out jpg and gif and thumb* —>
<cfquery name=”images” dbtype=”query”> select name from images where (lower(name) like ‘%.jpg’ or lower(name) like ‘%.gif’) and lower(name) not like ‘thumb%’ </cfquery>

<cflayout type=”border”>

<cflayoutarea position=”left” title=”Pictures” size=”150” align=”center” collapsible=”true”>

<script> function setImage(i) { var mImage = document.getElementById(‘mainImage’); <cfoutput> mImage.src=’#folderurl#/’+i; </cfoutput> }

<cfloop query=”images”> <cfif not fileExists(folder & “thumb” & name)> <cfimage source=”#folder##name#” action=”read” name=”newimage”> <cfset imageScaleToFit(newimage, 100, 100)> <cfimage action=”write” source=”#newimage#” destination=”#folder#/thumb#name#” overwrite=”true”> </cfif>

&lt;cfoutput&gt;&lt;a href="javaScript:setImage('#jsStringFormat(name)#');"&gt;&lt;img src="#folderurl#/_thumb_#name#" border="0" vspace="5" /&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/cfoutput&gt; &lt;/cfloop&gt;		  


<cflayoutarea position=”center” align=”center”>

<cfoutput> <p> <img src=”#folderurl#/[1]#” id=”mainImage”> </p> </cfoutput>


</cflayout> </code>

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