I'm sitting the keynote for cfObjective. Jason Delmore of Adobe is presenting and talking about how well ColdFusion is doing and about the latest 8.0.1 release. The topic now is Centaur, the new version of ColdFusion. I'll be updating this blog entry as he speaks, so please be sure to reload.

Centaur is well underway he said. Adobe is still accepting and looking for new ideas so feel free to share.

What kind of themes are being focused in for CF9?

Tooling (new IDE perhaps?)
RIA (big surprise there)

9:32 AM - Adobe has a commercial relationship with ExtJS. Good news for CF/Ajax users.

9:32AM "ColdFusion Open Process Initiative"

Public Bug Database
Public Enhancement Request System
Customer Advisory Board

  • CFML Language Design
  • Feature Definition
  • Specification Reviews
  • Early release review