Galleon has been updated today, and it finally has a project page. So what was changed?

  • A bug was reported when you deleted content that people were subscribed too.
  • The page templates forgot to turn off enablecfoutputonly.
  • Search terms needed to be limited to 100 characters. This was done in various places.
  • Message titles can be 100 characters long. DB scripts updated to reflect that.
  • Etc.

So not a huge update - but an update nonetheless. Oh, I also changed the footer to stop saying copyright Raymond Camden. Sure I still have the copyright, but I think it may make people think they can't use it. I've changed it to link to the project page and my blog.

What are the future plans for Galleon? Even though I think it is silly as hell, people seem to want that silly (stupid) smiley language. So I guess I'll add that. What is much more useful is file attachments to messages.