And now for something totally non-tech related, I've been working on a playlist of covers for a while now. I'm a heavy Spotify user and absolutely love how it provides suggestions for a playlist and makes it easy to add ones you agree with. I knew Spotify had an embed for songs but wasn't sure if they had the same for playlists, and of course, they do. Customization is limited to a regular and compact form and a dark or orange theme. I went with the orange theme because why not add a bit of color to the page? I also increased the height a bit. For folks who don't have Spotify accounts, you can still get a pretty decent preview of the tracks. (As a quick FYI, you'll notice it isn't orange at all. Turns out the Spotify desktop application rendered the preview in orange, but clearly shows gray and black as options. I'm going to report the issue, but for now, I went with the darker theme.)

I'll call out a few particular really good ones below. First off, the "just like heaven" cover by the Lumineers is beautiful. I think I prefer it to the original. Next, I'll call out the "Love Will Tear Us Apart (Again)" by In the Nursery. I've heard many covers of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" but this one is the most unique. It's an absolutely fascinating take on the song. Finally, the cover of "Your Love" by Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox is fun as hell. Anyway, enjoy!