Adding your own links in the ColdFusion Administrator

I've mentioned this in a few blog entries before but haven't covered it by itself. Did you know that you add your own links in the ColdFusion Administrator? Create a new file in your CFIDE/Administrator folder with the name extensionscustom.cfm. (Note that it is extensions, not extension.) Inside this file add yours links and follow these rules:

  • Use the CSS class leftMenuLinkText
  • Use the target, _content.

I use this to link to custom tools like SpoolMail. A more simpler example could be for shortcuts. Is there a log file you often check? Copy the link from the Log Files page and then add it to your file, like so:

<a class="leftMenuLinkText" href="http://localhost/CFIDE/administrator/logviewer/searchlog.cfm?logfile=riaforge%2Elog&bRefresh=1" target="content">RIAForge Log</a><br>

In this example, I've added a link to my RIAForge Log file. This doesn't really save me a lot of clicks, but you get the idea.

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