Adobe is holding another (the second I believe?) "Developer Week" in June. The dates are June 20-24. This is a 100% free, 100% Adobe Connect based set of sessions that anyone can sign up for. Details, and registration, may be found here: Developer Week 2011

It isn't too surprising, but the primary focus is on Flex and FlashBuilder 4.5. These are both things that I'm pretty darn excited about (as you've seen by my recent postings I assume). What is surprising is the lack of mention of ColdFusion in the back end portion of the sessions. There are sessions involving Java and PHP, but nothing for ColdFusion. I refuse to go alarmist on this. I'm disappointed, but whatever. To me, this is an opportunity. I'm going to hold a session on Connect to discuss Flex and FlashBuilder and demonstrate how ColdFusion can work as a back end solution. This will be a bit high end introduction as a proper "class" would take more time, but if you are a ColdFusion developer looking to finally pick up Flex, I hope this session can help introduce you to the language and get you excited about it. If you are a Flex developer already looking to add a back end technology, I'd hope you would consider ColdFusion along with PHP and Java when making your choice. Either way, that's the plan. It will be my first time talking about Flex/FlashBuilder 4.5 and this gives me an excuse to come up with some formal slides, examples, etc.

The plan now is for 6PM CST on June 20th - that would be right after the PHP session and would provide a good way for Flex developers to compare and contract. (And to be honest, I'm curious about the PHP side of things too!) Closer to the date I'll share the URL.

If folks are interested in this session, I'd appreciate a "RSVP" via the comments below. I won't hold you to it of course. Just trying to judge interest.

Ignore that. Adobe added not one - but two ColdFusion sessions. I'll be presenting on June 23rd at 5PM CST. Same topic.