Welcome to the ninth entry in the Intermediate ColdFusion Contest. The earlier entries may be found at the end of this post. Today's entry is from Lior Gonda. Before reading on, please check his application here. You can download his code from the download link at the bottom. Please respect the copyright of the creator. As with the last contest, it is taking a while to go through the entries, but I hope people are finding this worthwhile. We only have 3 left, so I'm hoping to have a winner Friday night.

So - I have to say that I really don't like the design. Well - not the design per se - but the colors. I found it very hard to read. Maybe it's just my eyes - but the text of the buttons was very hard to make out. I'd probably consider a backgroud color for the play area while keeping the wood background. This isn't a design contest of course - but still, it bugged me.

While playing, I noticed that there didn't seem to be a way to end the game. I ended up with 5 bucks left, and was stuck. I couldn't bet less then 10, and every button I hit simply told me I didn't have enough(t) money. (Typo there too.)

Let's take a look at his code. The first thing I saw that bugged me was this from Application.cfm:

if ( not isDefined('session.com.deck') or isDefined('URL.flush') ) session.com.deck = createObject('component','models.deck').init(1);

There isn't anything wrong with the structure here, but he uses session.com without defining session.com as a structure. I've blogged about this before. While CF won't throw an error, I still don't think you should do this.

One thing I did like about his code was the separation of code into a controllers, model, and view folders. Very Model-Glue like. I'm a big fan of this kind of organization and I'm happy to see it in this entry.

One major gold star for the application - his CFCs are properly var scoped! Although I did notice that hand.cfc, on line 169, had a text string outside the last function. Just a typo - but hey, I noticed it. ;)

That's all I really have to say. Outside of the serious design problems I have, and the betting bug (plus the inability to start a new game), this is a very nice entry I think.

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