This week's episode was a bit lite, but still pretty good. (It was also one of the few episodes without an off-island flashback.) The episode's main focus was on Michael and what happaned to him when he was captured. It lept back and forth from the time he left the hatch to the present day.

When Michael left the hatch 13 days ago, he was captured pretty quickly by an Other and Zeke. The night that he was captured and Kate was as well, we see what happened when Zeke was talking to the other cast aways. The french lady's daughter asks Micahel about Claire and the baby, although Michael is a bit too shocked to really answer.

He is brought to the Other's camp. As we knew, they had simple tents, and this is confirmed. We meet someone who seems to be in charge, Miss Clue. Miss Clue asks Michael questions about his son. Was he sick. Did he ever appear to be someplace he shouldn't be. I know some folks have thought that maybe Walt had "powers", but I don't know about that. See my thoughts below. Eventually Miss Clue let's Michael see his son. Walt's most important quote is when he says that the Others are pretending. (Which we knew.) He also mentions that he is being given lots of tests. Miss Clue gives Michael a list of people he has to bring back in order get his son. Jack, Kate, Hugo, and Sawyer.

So back in the present day, folks are preparing for the funeral. At the funeral, all of a sudden a small white boat approaches the island. I wasn't able to see anyone on board.

Oh - and Sayid definitely thinks Michael is compromised.


While we know that at least one Other (the French lady's daughter) is not evil, I really got the impression that some of the people at the Other's camp were not Dhamra folks. They seemed.... I don't know. Like other cast aways.

Miss Clue. Was I the only person who though misdirection? I think the whole "Walt is special" thing could be a misdirection for folks watching the show.

I love Eco's character, but I really don't get the change he has gone through. I don't get the logic of needing to take care of the numbers. After seeing the video he and Locke had seen, I just can't imagine thinking that his purpose should be to enter the numbers. I just don't buy it.

In the preview for the finale we find out that some questions will be answered. Specifically - what happens when the numbers hit zero (we kind of already know) and what made the place crash.