Ben Forta pointed out an issue with my blog where comments with single quotes were ending up doubled. Why? As you know, CF will auto-escape single quotes in string values passed to a database with cfquery. In this case, I was passing in values with the queryParam custom tag. (This makes your queries faster and safer - if you aren't using it yet - you should be.) Anyway, there is an issue where if you pass in a value along with a string function, the queryParam tag will double the double so to speak. So, this will lead to incorrect results:

<cfset foo = "here's looking">
<cfquery datasource="camdenblog">
<cfqueryparam value="#htmlEditFormat(foo)#" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_LONGVARCHAR">

To fix this, you simply move the string call outside the queryparam, ie:

<cfset foo = htmlEditFormat(...)>