One of my favorite tools has just hit 3.0 - Edge Animate. New features in this release include:

  • Audio Support! That's right - by using native HTML5 audio, your Edge Animate projects can bind audio events to the timeline, to elements, and even do audio transitions.
  • Responsive Scaling This is exactly what it sounds like - proportional scaling of your Animate projects.
  • Script Loading Edge Animate now makes it easier to include other scripts in your project. You can either add in local libraries or point to CDNs.

There is even more in 3.0. Check out the release notes for more. You can also see 3.0 in action below thanks to product manager and all around cool person Sarah Hunt:

You can find even more Edge Animate videos over at Adobe TV (the previous link is to recently added videos for Edge Animate) and read our tutorials over on the Help site.

As always, if my readers have any questions about this or want to see it in action, let me know!