It's been a busy day. I've twittered/re-tweeted a bunch of these links, but thought I'd do a quick blog entry concerning some links that I think may be important for folks taking a look at the new goodness released today on Adobe Labs. Most likely some of these links repeat the same content, but I hope folks find it helpful.

  • First off, check out this video by Tim Buntel: Flash Builder 4 (is it FlashBuilder or Flash Builder?) beta 4 for ColdFusion developers. It is a 12 minute video that you can easily watch during your lunch hour covering stuff specifically for ColdFusion developers.
  • This next article, Network Monitor in Flash Builder 4 covers the... wait for it... I'm about to say it... the Network Monitor. Ok, sorry for the silliness. This is, without a doubt, one of the cooler parts of Flash Builder 4. It totally removes the need for tools like ServiceCapture or Charles.
  • If you are like me, you may be a bit overwhelmed by the changes in Flex 4. This article: Differences between Flex 3 SDK and Flex 4 SDK beta can help you digest some of what has changed. Personally I'm finding the namespace changes to be quite significant. I'm going to have to digest this a bit before I really get it.
  • This is probably a bit of a repeat, but there is a Dev Center at Adobe just on ColdFusion and Flex: Learn Flex and ColdFusion
  • Check out these tutorials from Adobe Labs.
  •, AKA the people who turned me down (not that I'm bitter, really!) announced free video tutorials on Flash Catalyst. More information may be found here:
  • Next - while this isn't a "Learning" type link, I wanted to share it. Ted Patrick is looking for community involvement in creating Catalyst skins. I sent him one, but I think it melted his computer. (Keep me away from design toools!) More information on his blog post: Where community and Catalyst meet

That's it for now. My plans are to review the changes in Flex 4 and hopefully write up a more detailed blog post. As I said, it is a bit overwhelming. But folks - now is the time. The Flex/Flash platform looks incredible now. If you are one of those ColdFusion folks who haven't taken the chance to learn Flex, now is the time. Do it. And if I can help in any way, let me know.