I've been keeping most of my BlogCFC 5 announcements over at the BlogCFC blog, but as this was a major update I thought I'd share it here.

For those who don't mind a bit of risk, I'm happy to announce the beta release of BlogCFC 5. New features include:

  • An admin. No more stinking design mode.
  • Send to Friend. Send blog entries to a friend. Or to an enemy. Whomever.
  • Preview mode on articles.
  • Category SES URLs.
  • Related Entries (Thanks to Jeff Coughlin and Charlie Griefer).
  • Hey look, a pure CSS layout! Not here of course, but you can see it over at the BlogCFC blog. The admin is NOT pure CSS. I may ask Scott to take a look once I feel the admin is done. The CSS work was all done by Scott Stroz, so please thank him and visit his wish list. (His wish list, and Jeff and CJ's can be found in the word doc/pdf in the install folder. PLEASE thank them before me. I've been thanked!)
  • New "Orange Crush" visual theme. Hmmmm. Orangy!
  • More cow bell.
  • Admin lets you quickly delete comments, trackbacks. You can also edit settings (although this is a bit dangerous). This is a nice way to update your spam list.
  • Draft mode. It's not really called draft, but you can write an entry and leave the Released flag to false.
  • Delayed entries really work now. Seriously, I mean it. It works.
  • If you searched for poo, and clicked More Entries, it registered as a new search hit. It won't anymore. I still register a search hit if you follow it from the stats page.
  • If you use an image as an enclosure, it will automatically be placed in the entry, top left. This was a user-submitted idea.

So - that's it. There is still more to come, including, hopefully, XML-RPC. I've actually got the code done, thanks to Jake, but haven't taken a look yet.

Now - the warnings. The docs are not updated. The readme.txt does detail database changes. I've set up a forum for BlogCFC 5 stuff. I have a read only release notes thread and folks can post bug reports, suggestions, etc there.

The SVN repository will always have the latest code. The zip will be updated about once a week or so. I will not announce new updates here, but instead will keep that to the BlogCFC blog. In other words, the zip (that I will link to) will update at random times. If you really want to keep up to date, use Subversion.

That's it. Use in good health. This build was posted while listening to the Reflex. Because as we all know, no one was as cool as Duran Duran. (I so wanted my hair to be like Simon's when I was growing up.)

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