I'm working on an application where I don't (yet) have access to the database schema. It's a complex application with lots of data and isn't the most... how shall I say it.. well structured set of data I've even seen. To help me dig into the database and figure out what's going where, I'm doing a bunch of cfquery calls followed up by a cfdump.

While working, I accidentally found myself typing something that wasn't valid ColdFusion, but it just felt right at the time:

<cfdump query="select * from thetable" top=5 label="get test 5">

What do you think? Would that be useful? I know a large majority of my dumps are queries, but they tend to be queries I'm going to keep using. This is one of those rare times where I won't be keeping most of my queries around once I'm done digging.

P.S. If top and label are new to you, check out my ode to a dump blog post.