I haven't released a new version of Galleon since November of last year. That isn't because the product was done (again, my goal is to be comparable to Fusetalk or PHPBB), it is a reflection of that fact that I'm now at a point where I have so many products out, it takes a bit more time to get new releases out. I'm going to pretend that I'm suddenly more concerned about quality then quantity, but as my blog readers know, that isn't the case. ;)

So, I've had some minor changes that were never rolled into a new version for a while now, and recently I've made a few changes in response to things I saw on my own forums. I thought it was time to package it up and let folks test it.

As a word of warning - the documentation and the release notes are not complete. (Although you should read the release notes for information on the database change.) I'm going to list the changes below, but you will not see them documented anywhere very well. That will come in the final version.

  • You can now enable email verification for Galleon. This will help fight spammers. (They recently began attacking my forums.) This is optional, but can only be set at an install level.
  • I now show the user who did the last post.
  • Search form auto-focuses.
  • The "Galleon" graphic on top was removed and replaced with a title field that you can control. So if you want your forums called "Coffee Talk", you set it in the settings and it will show up both in the UI and in the emails sent out to folks.

That's it for the major changes. To download, please click the download link below. Note that the zip contains my Subversion files and you can just ignore or delete them. Please provide bug reports here, and any general feedback is ok here in the comments.


Download attached file.