Syed sent some interesting questions regarding jQuery and ColdFusion. I will attempt to answer them, but I will remind people that I've only begun to play with jQuery. I'm far from being an expert. Anyway, his questions:

Hi Reymond, I've been trying to make cfform work with jquery, i think you were able to with the code below:
$.post("sendcontact.cfm",{dname:$("#dname").val(),demail:$("#demail").val(),comm ents:$("#comments").val()},formDone);

For some reason, i cant get it to work. I actually have the cfform under jquery Tabs, which should submit the form without loading, like it was doing under cf ajax feature.

So this isn't much of an answer, but I'd be willing to bet the JavaScript that cfform is spitting out is conflicting with jQuery. I would not mix the two. I'm not saying they can't be mixed, but I just wouldn't do it.

I'm trying to convert from cf ajax to jquery. The only problems i'm having is with the link within the tabs and forms.

How did you replace ajaxlink() in jquery?

Ah, now thats an interesting one. The ajaxLink() function in ColdFusion basically says, "Load URL X into the current container." So to do a basic "Load X into container Y" in jQuery, you can just do:


Nice and simple, but note that I had to specify a 'block' to load the content into. You could simply write a helper function. I haven't tested this, so forgive any typos:

function go(container,url) { $(container).load(url); }

<div id="content"> <a href="javascript:go('content','someurl.cfm')>Load it like you mean it</a> </div>

I'm sure a simpler solution exists. You could probably do it inline as well, but I find that a bit nicer to read myself. I'm not a big fan of making things shorter just to save typing. That's one of my complaints about jQuery. I like the power of it - but sometimes I almost wish it had a bit more code to it to make it readable. (Blasphemy, I know.)