Many moons ago I wrote a simple (and ugly) ColdFusion Builder extension that allows you to download and install UDFs from CFLib. I rewrote it last night into a view for ColdFusion Builder 2. Here's a quick example:

Selecting a category will then fetch all the UDFs...

And finally selecting a UDF allows you to cut and paste it:

Awesome design work, right? I thank Dee Sadler for giving me some good CSS links. Although don't blame her for the color scheme. That's all me, baby. Note that you can load CFLib as a View from the "Views" menu in CFB2 or right click on a file to launch it. Because you can run the app in a view I decided against supporting "add to file". You can do that in extensions obviously (have been since version 1), but as a view I don't think it makes sense. While I removed one feature I did at least add search in.

Anyway - you can download it now at the RIAForge URL: