Quick tip - using cfthrow as a reminder

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I just typed this code in and I thought I'd share it to see if I was the only one who did this.

I'm working on a process where I need to do one of two things. Tonight I'm working on the first branch, but the second branch may not be worked on for a while. In the past I'd do something like so normally:

<cfif condition> what I'm doing <cfelse> </cfif>

If I was half-way awake, I'd maybe even do this:

<cfif condition> what I'm doing <cfelse> <!--- do the other thing ---> </cfif>

That works, but lately, I've been using cfthrow. The point being that if I forgot to actually code the other block, the second it does being to fire, I can't ignore it.

<cfif condition> what I'm doing <cfelse> <cfthrow message="Implement this block"> </cfif>

Anyone else do this?

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